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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

It's time to check and see what kind of profound nonsense wants out of my brain. Let's see...

Health officials and my doctor say we are starting into the annual flu season. Yippee! Which means it's also getting to be flu shot season, and that got me thinking about the word "shot". As you have probably figured out if you've been reading my blog posts, I seem to enjoy discussing the various oddities of words. I wonder if words in Chinese also present speakers and listeners with certain eccentricities? Anyway, I digress and I don't speak Chinese, so I'm sticking to words in English.

Back to the word shot. Why is the word for a small glass of liquor the same word used for sticking a needle into your skin and injecting something? Sometimes giving your self an injection is called shooting up. And then there's the fact that "shot" is also the same word for firing a gun of getting hit with a bullet. This is a strange language we speak. No wonder my brain gets too full of word stuff and needs the pressure released.

I also started thinking that a flu shot lasts a long longer than, say, a tequila shot. But what if tequila shots were seasonal like flu shots and you only needed one good shot of Patron and then you wouldn't need another until tequila season rolled around the next year? I imagine that would make tequila pretty damn expensive! (For the record, I like Patron just fine but Herradura is better in my opinion. Oh, and recently I just took "a shot in the dark" and bought a bottle of tequila from Costco of all places. It wasn't very expensive and it's really good! I was a little surprised and impressed.) Anyway, I digress again.

I do remember when I've gotten flu shots in the past they've told me I could feel a bit lethargic with a touch of malaise, which is pretty normal according to what I read. I've never heard a bartender tell me or anyone else that we might feel a big lethargic with a touch of malaise, but I think maybe that has happened to me after a tequila shot or two. That got me thinking about getting shot, like by a bullet. I've been shot at but never actually shot. I'm guessing after being shot one would feel real lethargic with a great big pile of malaise!

So, next week I'm going to get my annual flu shot. Afterword I might have a tequila shot. Yippee!

Brain Matter from Brian

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