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"Hard to put down. Thrilling, funny and poignant."
"A riveting, swashbuckling tale that keeps the pages turning."
"The final three chapters of this novel left me in tears."
"The book's unlikely hero is Jeffs Ryder, a rebellious surfer dude."
** 10% of proceeds from the sale of WAR PAINT will continue to be donated to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C. (The Wall)
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"...a terrific story, very imaginative with engaging characters and plenty of exciting action."


"...dramatically presents a story of war, betrayal, and life- changing courage."

"Hang on to your hats for the battle finale!  My heart was racing - literally!"

"Great novel about uncontrolled ambition threatening the lives of tin can sailors during the last months of the Vietnam War."

It's 1972 and the world thinks the long war in Vietnam is winding down. Then on March 30th a massive invasion by North Vietnam into the south reawakens the war.  South Vietnam could fall in a matter of weeks. With so few American troops left in the country, the U.S. Navy is now the tip of the spear to counter this invasion.  

This is the situation in WAR PAINT when the destroyer Rattano and her crew  sail into the war.  Jeffs Ryder, a young troublemaking surfer turned sailor, and the rest of the crew have no way of knowing that greater dangers than the war are ahead.  High-ranking treachery, betrayal and a chain of events leading to their possible sacrifice await them.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and Ebook
   Not just a war story, it's a story in a war.   
While Jeffs and the rest of the crew are dealing with the war, a secret group is plotting against the ship to avenge an old debt.  Incredibly, an American Admiral has joined their conspiracy to achieve his own mentally deranged purposes. If successful, this deadly treasonous scheme will result in a suicidal attack that will decimate the American fleet operating along the Vietnam coast and change the course of the war.

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