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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The time has come to let some things out of my brain. I think I'm going to lay off anything about my books in this post and just write about some other stuff. First of all, I was thinking what is there about me that anyone would want to read about here? Well, here is a list of facts about me and you can decide if any of them fall into your category of "interesting". (Interesting is a catch-all category that could include strange, odd, funny, ridiculous, gross or any number of other thoughts.) Here we go:

  • I have been to Singapore and and I think it has to be the most humid and sweatiest place on earth.

  • I like chicken livers. (Cooked, of course, and I'm pretty good at cooking them.)

  • I used to be quite a bit younger.

  • I got kicked out of high school for two days for bringing booze to a football game.

  • At one time I had serious ambitions of becoming a race car driver. Also an architect.

  • The first girl I had a genuine crush on was named Linda. That was in second grade.

  • I recently discovered I like Havarti cheese.

  • One time long ago my, 12-year-old niece, to show off two of her many skills, tap danced in the entryway of our house while reciting the alphabet in Spanish.

  • I enjoy trying to make people laugh in inappropriate situations.

  • I know just enough about many topics to be able to answer Jeopardy questions without having any real understanding or knowledge of the topic.

  • Some of my favorite books are Dune, The Grapes of Wrath, and, well...there are a bunch of others.

  • I enjoy sharing random, seemingly insignificant facts.

  • I'm fairly charming and witty when I want to be. I also have a pretty good grin, so all this pandemic mask-wearing stuff is kind of cramping my style!

Well, there you have it. I don't think this is an exhaustive list, but there are a few things for you to think about, or maybe forget about. My brain will have something different for the next blog post in a week or so.

Happy Reading!

Brain Matter from Brian

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  • Brian Lehman

n Today’s topic is: Why is Brian Lehman such a wonderful human being? No, wait, that’s the wrong topic Hang on… Okay here it is. Today’s topic is: How to get more people to visit my website at

First of all, why do I even want anyone to visit my website? Well, I’m hoping for responses like this - “Look here Wanda! This guy wrote a couple of books and this new one looks pretty interesting. It’s a suspenseful crime thriller and it’s got some good reviews. I’m gonna click on the Amazon button and buy it. If we really like it we can order some more for gifts.”

So, if any of you own TV stations, billboard companies, sky writing businesses , newspapers, magazines or social media corporations then you could probably help me out!

The rest of you could spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or the social media of your choice. In addition, many of you may still have actual living human friends who you know personally and you could share this info with them through talking in person or on a phone call or texting. There may even be a few of you who would enjoy sharing this by sitting down with some nice stationery and composing a letter in wonderful flowing cursive writing.

Some of you have read or are reading Finders Takers and you could also share your opinion of the story, unless of course you found it dull and a waste of time. In that case get in touch with me!

In closing, Brian’s wife, Julie, and their mini Doxie, think he is a wonderful human being and here are some links to his website and Amazon book page.


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There hasn't been a new post written on this blog page in months! Who runs this joint anyway? What?... Oh, me. Well I will try to do better. I was busy on my latest novel the past few months and my brain was full. The following is a post from yesterday that I stole from my Facebook author page, but hey, it's my page..


I collect wood carvings. No particular theme, just whatever interests me. Well, I guess there is kind of a theme… inexpensive and therefore usually small! It’s not a very large collection yet but I work on it little by little. A sampling of what I’ve got includes an owl about 10 inches tall, a very small bison, and a 10 inch tall interesting looking “something” with a face on it that was made in New Zealand.

Theoretically I play guitar. I used to play a lot but I rarely play at all anymore. I’ve got an acoustic and a really nice made- to-order Carvin electric. So we’ll have to assume that I’m still able to play guitar, I just don’t, but I should get around to it more.

On another note, if you’ve never watched the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix I highly recommend it. I think it’s like six or eight episodes? Who knew that a story centered around chess competition could be so damn good?

So my latest book, Finders Takers, has been out in the world for three weeks now. It’s received some very positive comments from readers, and these are people who weren’t bribed by me and they’re not my relatives! If you’ve read it I’d really appreciate it if you’d post a review on Amazon. Also please share about it by passing along my posts or creating your own information to everybody you know who might be interested in the book. You could put it on your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever.

Last but not least, here in Phoenix there’s actually some days coming up in the forecast that they’re forecasting the high to be 117°!! If it wasn’t for air-conditioning nobody would live here…. Stay cool everybody and happy reading.

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